Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Certificate has been awarded to Arslan Alüminyum, the giant company of the sector

Arslan Alüminyum is a key player both in the sector and in the national economy and consolidates this position with the awards and certificates granted. Arslan Alüminyum achieves new successes in the domestic and international markets continuously and was recently awarded the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Certificate, which is a certificate recognized internationally. This certificate is awarded to facilitate the international import and export transactions and operations and to complete the customs clearance procedures for import and export in the shortest time possible by the companies that prove their reliability and comply with the requirements of certain legislations. Thanks to the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate, companies can receive the imported products directly into their factories, and they can also ship the exported products directly to the customs borders from their factories. Arslan Alüminyum proves its economic power once again as the first Aluminum Company that was awarded the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate. The Authorized Economic Operator Certificate was presented to Arslan Alüminyum by Mr. Halil İbrahim BOZKUŞ, the Regional Manager of the Ministry of Customs and Trade.