The Sector Export Award has been awarded to Arslan Alüminyum

Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association (İDDMİB) achieved a record level of 14% growth by making 7 billion USD exports in 2017. İDDMİB presented awards to its most successful 70 members that made a contribution to 14 percent record level export increase achieved in 2017 in 14 different categories in the 8th edition of ‘‘Metallic Stars of Export Award Ceremony’’. The Metallic Stars of Export Award Ceremony enabled the stakeholders of the sector to come together and presented awards to 70 successful companies of the sector. These 70 successful companies received awards in 14 different categories such as iron and steel items, metal kitchenware, items made of copper and aluminum, casting items, metal construction components, locks made of metals and sectoral export performance during the 8th edition of İDDMİB Metallic Stars of Export Award Ceremony that took place at Raffles Hotel on Tuesday, February 27th.

Arslan Alüminyum, which received an award last year, was presented an award this year as well thanks to its successful performance and everlasting efforts. Arslan Alüminyum, one of the shining stars of the Turkish aluminum sector and the national economy of Turkey, is a hardworking, passionate and ambitious company striving to achieve its high targets. Arslan Alüminyum has become one of the leading companies in the Turkish aluminum sector by laying the foundation of its smelter plants in 2010 with its 1.000.000 tons/year target and is currently recognized as one of the most powerful integrated plants in Turkey. With its 120.000 tons/year aluminum ingot and billet production capacity, Arslan Alüminyum is a key asset not only for the Turkish aluminum sector but also for the Turkish economy thanks to its consecutive breakthroughs and steady and consistent approaches.