The Grand Prize in the Aluminum Casting Products Category has been awarded to the Global Investment Giant: Arslan Alüminyum A.Ş.

Metallic Star Awards, which were organized in 2020 by the Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association (IDDMIB), have been awarded to the successful exporters, which contributed to the exports worth of 8.4 billion USD. The ceremony was held with the participation of the Turkish Deputy Minister of Trade Mr. Rıza TUNA TURAGAY, Chairman of TİM Mr. İsmail GÜLLE and Chairman of the Board of Directors of İDDMİB Mr. Tahsin ÖZTIRYAKİ. Arslan Alüminyum A.Ş., which has become the most important player in the global aluminum industry thanks to its investments, achieved another success and was ranked No 1 among the top exporting companies in the Aluminum Casting Products Category in 2020 like in previous years.

Arslan Alüminyum A.Ş. continues to achieve its goals rapidly thanks to the successful results of its strong energy and investment initiatives. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone that has been our true source of pride and made significant contributions to this important success.