Arslan Aluminum consolidates its success and power with awards.

Arslan Aluminum, one of the sources of pride for the Turkish aluminum sector, continues to increase its successes and consolidates its power with the awards that it receives. Arslan Aluminum became the rising star of the Turkish aluminum sector by laying the foundation of its smelting facilities in 2010 with its 1.000.000 tons/year target and is currently one of the most powerful integrated facilities in our country. With its 120.000 tons/year of aluminum ingot and billet production capacity, Arslan Aluminum is not only an important value of the sector but also of the country thanks to its continuous initiatives and coherent and stable approach. In particular, the investment for a dyeing system with 1.250 tons/month capacity at Vertical dyeing facility which was initiated by Arslan Aluminum and which is scheduled to be commissioned in June directed the attention of the sector on Arslan Aluminum once again.

The award presented at a time when Arslan Aluminum was rising and increasing its successful activities granted proud and happiness to Arslan Aluminum family.

71 exporters received awards in 21 different categories in the 7th edition of “Metallic Stars of Export” as held by Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Association (İDDMİB). The awards, which were presented in the ceremony that took place at Raffles Hotel on Wednesday April 12th, have proven the success of exporters in our country. Arslan Aluminum was one of the companies that received award thanks to its successful activities. The award granted to Arslan Aluminum for “Aluminum BILLET Export Success’’ was received by Assistant General Manager Pelin ARSLAN on behalf of the Company.