Arslan Aluminum Continues to Reach the Peak with Its Achievements

Arslan Aluminum is involved in many successful works and is listed on top in key business/economic indicators this year, like in previous years. In recent months, Arslan Alüminyum A.Ş. has climbed 3 points up in the listing of top 500 Incorporations announced according to the data of Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) in spite of the severe negative outlook around the world, as a company reversing the course and defying the current global situation. It demonstrates its strength and quality in the sector once again. Now, the data announced by Istanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Exporters Union (İDDMİB) and the Exporters Assembly of Turkey (TİM) demonstrates that Arslan Aluminum has achieved significant growth performance of 21% according to the results of the top 1000 exporters of our country. It was also presented an award in the Aluminum Cast Products Category and shown the entire world once again that it has become an important milestone in terms of both the sector and the national economy. Arslan Aluminum received its award during the Online Award Ceremony, which was held for the first time and also attended by the Trade Minister Mrs. Ruhsar PEKCAN, and became a source of pride. On its long, passionate journey to the peak; the company persistently continues to climb up with these consecutive, great achievements, and proves again that it is possible to achieve success through patient, ambitious, ethical and hardworking operation and business style. In addition to its steady, planned and rational investment policy, Arslan Aluminum combines risk management with courage, succeeding in standing as a family with all its employees and teams, and proceeds on its path to new achievements as a company sticking to professionalism and showing its commitment to the national values and national economy each time with its contributions and works.